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International Worker’s Day Poetry Submission Deadline

April 23

In memory of the Haymarket Affair. On May 1, 1886 thousands of workers poured into the streets, demanding an eight-hour day. In Chicago, where a strike meeting was being held on May 3, policemen fired into the running strikers. Six workers were killed that day and many wounded. About 3,000 attended a protest meeting the next day at Haymarket Square. Mayor Carter H. Harrison who was present testified later that the meeting was “peaceable.” As it was about to adjourn, police swooped down, some unknown person threw a bomb. The police opened fire and at the end of the day, seven policemen and four workers lay dead.
At once several Chicago labor leaders were rounded up and thrown in jail. Eight of these came to trial, the presiding judge helped pick the jury which was strongly anti-labor and hostile to the defendants. All the men were declared guilty of murder. Most were given death sentences and four were hanged on November 11. In 1893 Governor Altgeld pardoned the three remaining and said he was fully convinced of the innocence of all eight men.
Send us a poem in the spirit of…
Philip Levine (What Work Is)*
Langston Hughes (Brass Spittoons)*
Deadline to submit: 4/23/21
Virtual Reading Event: 5/2/21


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